Tara Bouldrey

Founding Member: The (Beat) Theatre Collective
Ensemble Member: (re)discover theatre


Artist Bio

Tara Bouldrey (she/her/hers) is a passionate lover of theatre and the arts currently living and working in Chicago, IL.

She studied theatre and the Meisner technique for four years in a liberal arts setting at Alma College in Michigan, and is grateful to have spent several years after graduation working regularly both onstage and behind the scenes of many productions in southwest Michigan; with roles in plays such as Hamlet, A Few Good Men, Back County Crimes, This is Our Youth, and Dog Sees God (among others). Her work there culminated in an award-winning production of The Tempest which she directed, learned aerial acrobatics for, and performed in at What A Do Theatre in Battle Creek.

Since her move to Chicago, Tara has performed with companies such as (re)discover theatre, Cit Lit Theater, Knife & Fork, The Arc Theatre, 906 Theatre Co., Poetry Is, HerStory Theater, The Cuckoo's Theater Project, COLLABORACTION, Strangeloop Theatre, and the Artistic Home Ensemble; and she's been recently testing the waters of film acting as well. Tara continues to hone her craft with every new workshop or class opportunity she is able to consume, and is always searching hungrily for the next inspiring project.

Mission Statement -- The (Beat) Theatre Collective

The (Beat) Theatre Collective aims to spark change by creating art that provokes, unites, and enriches our audiences and artists alike. By exploring new works and blowing the dust off of the classics, we promise to remain constantly malleable in the way we produce and vow to always question both ourselves, and our role in the community.

(Beat) places the individual artist among its top priorities. Members of the collective are encouraged to explore varied roles and responsibilities, within or outside the collaborative endeavors of the group, wherever they may be in their lives-- broadening their skill sets with each project, and always upholding the artistic vision of the collective as a whole.

The (Beat) Theatre Collective shares the dream of igniting a bold and expressive theatrical movement. We strive to broaden our audience's notion of theatre by committing to honesty, integrity, curiosity, expression and devotion through each work we produce. (Beat) began when the circumstances were right and an immediate objective was in sight. When that objective has succeeded or failed, new circumstances and objectives will set in (a new beat). We move ahead-- Exploring. Evolving.

Members: Tara Bouldrey, Linnae CaurdyJustin Michael DietzelJoshua OlgineNatividad Uehara