Tara Bouldrey

Founding Member: The (Beat) Theatre Collective
Ensemble Member: (re)discover theatre


***I'm excited to spend my time with Piven Theatre this spring, understudying the roles of Elizabeth & Kat in their production of "A Home on the Lake". This new work tells an important story; especially for the city of Evanston, and Piven has curated a series of thought-provoking talkbacks that will be taking place throughout the run of the show. Please take a moment to visit their website! (Piven Theatre Workshop) We'd love to have you join us!

***The (Beat) is taking part in this year's Climate Change Theatre Action: producing a weekend of staged readings of short plays about climate change. We're calling it Attention Earthlings!, and are so proud to join theatre companies-- not only from across the country, but across the world-- in helping to raise awareness about our shared global crisis. Donations only, and 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF's hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, so please won't you join us? Check my calendar for more information!

***There's a F.I.E.R.C.E. new group of ladies on the theatre scene here in Chicago, and I'm proud to say that I'll be performing at their very first fundraising event: The Witches Ball! There are loads more details in my calendar!

***I am so excited to finally get a chance to work with a director whom I admire very much: John Mossman. We're staging a one-night-only reading of a play called "Dinner at 1800" by Joan Kufrin in conjunction with HerStory Productions. Check my calendar for more information!

***I have been trusted with the absolute privilege of performing in one of three plays featured in this year's Director's Haven project. I'll be working with the incredibly talented Lexi Saunders and some truly inspiring actors on her production of "The Departure", written by Rachel Dubose. You'll find performance dates on my calendar-- I hope to see you there!

***I'm very excited to have the opportunity to perform in The Artistic Home's annual Cut to the Chase Festival this year! Cut to the Chase is a one-act play festival of new works that spotlights actors who have taken classes at the Artistic Home studio. I'll be playing the role of Lady Gertrude in "Tea Time" by Will Dunne, directed by Kayla Adams. I've updated my calendar with the performance dates already-- go check it out!!!

***This summer I have the distinct pleasure of working with the Arc Theatre on their 2017 Shakespeare on the Ridge project: "The Taming of the Shrew". I'm so excited to start working on the role of Lucentio amidst an immensely talented all-female cast-- don't miss out! Check my calendar for performance dates!

***Words can't even describe how excited I am to begin rehearsals for The (Beat) Theatre Collective's FIRST collaborative project: a two-week development workshop of a new play about the homeless epidemic called "Hope Wanted", written and directed by fellow Beat founder Justin Dietzel. I'm wearing many hats for this one: Producer, Choreographer, and Understudy, and I would LOVE to see you at the four performances we are mounting at the end. Your feedback and presence are much needed and welcomed-- please check out my calendar for performance dates!

***I have to admit, I cried with joy when the folks over at (re)discover theatre extended me an offer to join their ensemble. Yes! Yes! A million times YES!!! They are an incredible group of people, and their work is entirely inspired. I am so pleased and proud to call them family, and I can't recommend strongly enough that you take the time and check them out.

***I'll be participating in another staged reading this fall! This time I'll be playing the role of Alyssa in a new script by Hallie Palladino called "Infatuation". The reading is presented by Dandelion Theatre, and we'll be performing at the Den upstairs this November! Check out my calendar for more information! 

***I am delighted to announce that in April 2017 I will be playing the role of Demetra Marr in City Lit's production of "Forty-Two Stories", written by Douglas Post and directed by Scott Westerman. I will update my calendar with performance dates as soon as I have the details!

***I had an INCREDIBLE time having a new series of headshots taken by Maisonet Photography. I've uploaded my favorite proofs to my gallery until I get the retouched versions, so hop on over and leave me a comment on your favorites! 

***"Farewell My Friend" has been extended!!! Performances now run until October 1st-- see my calendar for details!

***I'll be joining the No Stakes Theatre Project for a staged reading of Carson Kreitzer's "Self Defense, or death of some salesmen" this September; a play about America's "first" female serial killer: Aileen Wuornos. I'll be reading the role of the lover that turned her in. Check my calendar for performance details. 

***The very last After Dark event of the season at the Art Institute of Chicago is on May 13th, celebrating their New Contemporary exhibit. I'll be joining Collaboraction's team of performers for the evening, and am looking forward to another ridiculously good time.

***I am unbelievably giddy to announce that this September I will be playing the role of Juliet in (re)discover theatre's 2016 remount of "Farewell, My Friend": an immersive, promenade exploration and experience of the romance of Romeo & Juliet, co-directed by Janet Howe and Matt Wills. You don't want to miss this one, so hop on over to my calendar for more performance details!!!

***And just like that, I'm booked until mid-June! I will be performing in a pair of one acts produced by the company Poetry Is, taking on the role of Luce (Phaedra) in "Phaedra, Released" and a member of the Chorus of Flames in "Medea". Check my calendar for performance dates!

***Understudying is tough, but I do so love a challenge! I will be understudying the role of Venus in Collaboraction Theatre's 20th anniversary show: "Connected". It's a gorgeous piece of immersive theatre, exploring our relationship to technology and to one another, and I'll be stepping in on May 7th and 8th-- so check out my calendar for more details!!!

***I've been given an opportunity to perform at the Art Institute of Chicago for their After Dark party celebrating their new exhibit: Van Gogh's Bedrooms. I am thrilled to pieces to be working with Collaboraction on this piece, celebrating one of my favorite artists. Tickets are SOLD OUT, but I'll post pictures as soon as I can. 

***I am so excited to announce that I have officially been cast in my first full-length production here in Chicago!!! In March and April of 2016 I will be playing the roles of Nastya and Other Katya in The Cuckoo's Theater Project's production of "The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls". Performances run March 31st - April 24th, and as always, you'll find the details on my calendar!

***Will be performing in Collaboraction's 15th and final Sketchbook Festival with producing company Knife & Fork in a piece entitled "Spanx You Very Much" -- a story of women and their shape-wear told through movement and dance. Should be a GREAT time-- Check out my calendar for performance dates! 

***Got plans for Halloween??? I'll be one of the performers for the Chicago Reader's Black Market Ball at the Chop Shop on Halloween night-- A Halloween celebration where you can find anything you want... (details on my calendar)

***I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in a three-week long intensive through Theatre Y this October! We'll be working with French director Georges Bigot of Theatre du Soleil on Shakespeare and movement with the end result being a chance to work on a new script to be performed in October 2016!

***August 22nd, 2015: The (Beat) Theatre Collective was born. Our founding group has been supporting each other and creating theatre together for nearly a decade, and today we decided to make it official. Take a look at the 'About Me' section of this page for our mission statement and a list of the other collective members, because trust me-- you want to know them, too.

***I am currently understudying the roles of Kitty Duval, Mary L and Elsie in the Artistic Home Theatre's upcoming production of "The Time of Your Life" by William Saroyan, directed by Kathy Scambiatierra. And on October 17th, 2015 I will take the stage as Kitty Duval-- you DON'T want to miss it! Check my calendar for details!!!

***On August 2nd, 2015 at the Public House Theatre in Chicago, you can catch me onstage in one of 24 ten-minute plays at the 906 Theatre Co.'s "Echoes Of..." Festival. Come on out and get your theatre fix! You'll find details on my calendar!!!

***I'll be reading the role of Penelope and joining forces with other chorus members to swallow Odysseus whole in a storm like you've never seen during a staged reading of "The Odyssey" with Strangeloop Theatre! Check out my calendar for the details!!! 

***After a whirlwind round of rehearsals, now all that's left is to get SUPER EXCITED about performing in the Kasey Foster Dance Tribute to Aphex Twin at Martyr's on Monday, April 27th!!! It's gonna be weird in all the most glorious ways possible. 

***It's difficult to describe how excited I am for the next step I am taking on this grand adventure! Sessions begin next week for Meisner Tech classes at The Artistic Home here in Chicago. It will be my first acting class since graduating from Alma and THRILLED hardly begins to cover it.

***I have now officially relocated to Chicago, Illinois! I am forever grateful for the wide range of opportunities I was presented with in Battle Creek, and in awe of the talent and dedication of the artists I was able to work with there. Here's hoping for more of the same in the Windy City!

***The Wilde Awards were a great success! Genevieve Lally-Knuth, the choreographer for "The Tempest" won Best Choreography, and our production was spotlighted with one of the "Wilde-r Awards" for our bold use of aerials in a small performance space.  

***"The Tempest" received three nominations for the 2014 Wilde Awards!!! Best of the Bard, Best Choreography & Best Sound Design!
The winners will be announced on September 22nd-- check out the link below for the rest of the nominations and general information about the Wilde Awards as well!
2014 Wilde Award Nominations by EncoreMichigan.com 

***"The Tempest" was a major success! Check out one of our glowing reviews from Encore Michigan: 'Tempest' soars in acrobatic presentation 

***I am currently directing a workshop series at What A Do Theatre in order to teach character physicalization, vocal technique and scansion. I am joined by Chicago-based aerialist Genevieve Lally-Knuth who will use her skills to teach aerial acrobatics to a group of actors from the Battle Creek area. We are using this work to bring a production of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" to the What A Do stage in March 2014. (See Calendar for Performance Dates)

***Will be playing the role of Beth in What A Do Theatre's upcoming production of "Little Women" directed by Randy Wolfe. (See Calendar for Performance Dates)

***Will be playing the role of Candy Starr in What A Do Theatre's upcoming production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" directed by Randy Wolfe. (See Calendar for Performance Dates)

***Will be playing the role of Tricia in the Great Escape Stage Company's production of "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead" directed by Vanessa Bannister-Blackford. (See Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***Will be a member of the Venticelli (Chorus) in What A Do Theatre's upcoming production of "Next to Normal" directed by Randy Wolfe. (See Calendar for Performance Dates)

***Will be directing and performing in What A Do Theatre's next cabaret: USO - Salute to the Troops. (See Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***Will be joining the Ensemble in What A Do Theatre's newest second stage workshop: "Back County Crimes" directed by Randy Wolfe. (See Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***Last year, audiences raved about What A Do Theatre's production of "The Christmas Schooner", so this year we're bringing it back!!! I will be reprising my role, as will most of the original cast! Don't miss it! (Check out the Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***Will be playing the role of Horatio in the Great Escape Stage Company's production of "Hamlet" directed by Amity Reading. (See Calendar for Performance Dates)

***New headshots courtesy of Kara Beth Photography. What an amazing woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kara!

***Will be performing in a Cabaret Fundraiser at What A Do Theatre this weekend!!! (August 17 & 18) See Calendar for details! 

***I have recently signed with MP Talent Management Group, based in Grand Rapids, MI!!! My sincerest gratitude goes to Malinda Peterson -- thank you for believing in me!!!

***We were featured in the Entertainment section of the local newspaper this weekend for our upcoming workshop! Check the article out here. 

***Nancy King took some really awesome publicity photos for "This Is Our Youth". Check them out on my photos page in the "Headshots and the Like" album. Thanks a million Fancy!!!! 

***Will be playing the role of Jessica Goldman in a What A Do Theatre Workshop Showcase production of Kenneth Lonergan's "This Is Our Youth". She is also co-directing the production with fellow actor Joshua Olgine.
(See Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***My very first review!!! What A Do Theatre can handle the truth

***Will be playing the role of Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway in What A Do Theatre's production of Aaron Sorkin's "A Few Good Men" directed by Randy Wolfe. (See Calendar for Performance Dates) 

***Will be playing the role of Lisa Brannigan in the new independent film "Masks in the Sun" from writer/director Drew Walker. Filming will take place in Marshall, MI.
Check out this column in the local news! 

***Will be appearing in What a Do Theatre's production of "The Christmas Schooner" by John Reeger, music & lyrics by Julie Shannon - directed by Randy Wolfe in Battle Creek, MI. (See Calendar for Performance dates)

***New headshots by Anthony Steinberg (ASI Photography). It was just a brief shoot during intermission for "The Laramie Project" and I cannot wait to work with him some more!

***Check out our first (AMAZING!) review for "The Laramie Project"! The Battle Creek Enquirer - Laramie Project review 

***Will be appearing in What a Do Theatre's production of "The Laramie Project" by Moises Kaufman directed by Randy Wolfe in Battle Creek, MI. (See Calendar for Performance dates)

***New headshots taken May 25, 2011 by Edward Webb Photography. Thanks Ted!!!!

***It's Graduation Day!!! (APRIL 23rd, 2011) Today I graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Theatre and Dance from Alma College.