Chicago Snaps Chicago Snaps Director's Haven 2017 - The Departure Rehearsal photo snapped by director Lexi Saunders as we rehearsed a new play "The Departure". To say I fell in love with these women and this script is a massive understatement. I will never forget this experience and all that we shared together. (Right of Center) 204584591 (feste)val 2017!!! Check out this awesome snap of me bartending at (re)discover's annual fundraiser! (photo credit: Cody Jolly Photography) 204608103 Farewell My Friend One of my favorite aspects of working on this piece was the immersive quality. That coupled with the fact that we were able to rehearse in the space 100% of the time was an absolutely DREAM as an actor. The room pictured here was my bedroom as Juliet-- and there were no scenes that rehearsed in there if I wasn't in them, so whenever I had a break I would hang out and write in my journal in my bedroom and my little actor heart was SO HAPPY. 203380729 After Dark at the Art Institute: Van Gogh's Bedrooms I had so much fun as a performer for After Dark at the Art Institute. We danced to Bowie's "Black Star", had pillow fights, spoke with patrons in star speak and kept the dance floor going all night long. 10/10 would do again. Many thanks to Collaboraction for yet another amazing opportunity. 201605110 Spanx You Very Much I performed in a large-scale dance piece about women, body image, and shapewear called "Spanx You Very Much", produced by Knife & Fork for Collaboraction's 15th and Final Sketchbook Festival in January 2016. This is a shot from when we were featured on the local Chicago news (I'm on the far right)!!! We all had SO MUCH FUN, and you can see the full piece on youtube: 201604895 The Black Market Ball I spent Halloween of 2015 as Mariette, a fortune teller who was saved from a tragic circus fire by a demon and condemned to a lifetime in the Black Market Ball, exchanging tarot readings for souls. Many thanks to Collaboraction, the Chicago Reader and the Chop Shop for a FANTASTICALLY horrific night. 200425707 Chorus Work Our work with Georges Bigot and Theatre Y included movement exercises in which the group stood in formation and followed our chorus leader as they improvised to classical music. (Back row, center) 200101377 Rehearsal in the Park Having so much fun rehearsing "I Met a Man" at Ekhart Park for 906 Theatre Co's "Echoes Of..." 10-Minute Play Festival (Back row, right) 200101375 The Odyssey A staged reading with movement for Strangeloop Theatre at the Black Rock Pub & Kitchen -- here we are as a Cyclops (Front row, left) 200101376 The Odyssey A staged reading with movement for Strangeloop Theatre at the Black Rock Pub & Kitchen -- Reading Penelope (Left) 200101374 Kasey Foster's Dance Tribute to Aphex Twin Performing with Knife & Fork at Martyr's for Chicago-based dancer and choreographer, Kasey Foster's Dance Tribute to Aphex Twin. (Center) 200425618